About us

For cyclists, by cyclists!

Starting during the Covid pandemic, we started cycling more and more. This of course includes an obsession about the right bicycle gear. From beautiful shirts to parts for the racing bike itself. You soon discover that cycling is becoming a very expensive hobby.

For example, something that started with one of our colleagues is aero socks. A quick search on the internet only returns aero socks that start at €20 per pair. We thought this was nonsensical; There had to be a way to offer nice cycling gear (including aero socks ) for a lower price.

We started Aero Cycling (Chamber of Commerce: 92782515) from Rotterdam. A company where we want to offer high-quality bicycle products, sometimes without a brand, to the cycling world. We use all our products ourselves and have been extensively tested.

We enjoy getting in touch with our customers! Do you have ideas, requests, feedback or would you like to be part of our team? Please contact us.